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Affi Assegaf

Affi Assegaf-Lose Weight 15Kg (August 2010-July 2011)


It’s fourh day of Ramadhan and just like many fellow moslem all over Indonesia , I am sitting peacefully in my parent’s living room, waiting for Bedug Magrib to strike.

When Adzan finally comes, I’ll sip the sweet, hot jasmine tea that my mom has prepared, take a bite of lamb or cheese samosa that my dad bought from Amanda, a small bakery run by an Indo-Arab woman, and I’ll Chat hapilly with everyone in the dining table. It’s a potrait of typical fasting day in my family. Even though we’re all maried out and don’t live with our parents anymore, we still come here to break the fast together.  The different is, when my family finish their setup pisang and continue with praying, I won’t join them because I’m  having my period.

Technically, during this period , I’m FREE from obligation to fast. And usually, in the previous Ramadhan, I  take this  chance gladly and refuse to skip even just one meal.

But this year, I don’t want miss any day. I want to fast, along with other people, even though I don’t have to.

You see , ever since I join and practice Hypnolangsing , I discover totally a new look on eating and our relationship with food. Okay, my relationship with food to be exact , but i’m sure plenty of people can relate to this. Basicly, since I managed my self to stop eating before I’m full, I realized that actually I need a lot less food to maintain my level of energy and to satisfy myself too. I used to think that I’ll get tired easily if I don’t eat enough but this is exactly opposite. But not stuffing myself silly, I actually become more energized.

Now, before Ramadhan comes, I always wonder, how will I do this? Should I keep doing what I’ve benn doing, eating until I reach ‘neutral’ level during buka puasa and sahur? I asked Mas Juli Triharto, the Hypnolangsing therapist, and he said yes, keep following the rules and you’ll be surprised.

So when I found that I got my period right before the first day of Ramadhan began, I was determined to fast anyway, to find out if I can do it. And lo and behold, it’s true!

I eat normally being sahur (and by that, I mean 4-5 spoonful of rice with meat/veggies), drink a cup of coffee because I need it to stay awake during the day, and I fast approx. 14 hours. I don’t experience hunger that is worse than what  I normally feel, nor did I feel lighheaded or lethargic. I feel normal. When the fasting ends, I follow the same rules of eating. Usually the dinner I have is the last meal I have the night before I go to bed. Then I wake up for sahur and do it all over again.

So  I draw this conclusion: I eat way too much all my life, and maybe you do too. I found that I only need a little (compared what I used to have) to sustain myself. And you know what, it’s not only losing weight or maintaining an ideal one, it is also about how you look at your life in general. Maybe we think we need more of everythink, not just food. Money, recognition, cars, houses, things. Even husband or wives maybe :), if we just try to listen to ourselves, our true self, not the voice that tells you to keep having more and more, we realize that we have enough. And we can be happy with it. And maybe, if we realize we need less, we also find that there’s more to give to people who don’t have the options  to ask more. Make sense? :)

Anyway, that’s what this year Ramadhan teaches me. And my reason for fasting, even during my period, may not be religious one, but more spiritual one, if I may say. A desire to learn more about myself and discover ways to make myself better person for me and others. And wouldn’t you say that’s essence of Ramadhan?

Happy fasting everyone. May you reach inner peace and find more love for yourself and everyone else during this holy month :D.